For owners

Our company constantly receives requests from potential buyers or investors who want to buy real estate according to their specific criteria.

Active requests from buyers

1. Purchase of forest land, throughout Latvia (several buyers are available) - unprocessed, partially or fully developed forests and young trees.

2. Purchase of agricultural land in the radius of 10-15 km around Jaunpilis (Latvia), buyer pays one of the highest prices in Latvia per hectare.

3. Purchase of agricultural land and farms engaged in grain crop production in 80 km radius around Riga (capital of Latvia), the preferred minimum area of hectares - 200 hectares.

4. Purchase or long-term rent of agricultural land in Daugavpils parish.

5. Buying 2* or 3* hotels in all main cities of Europe.

Offer your property by sending an offer to the e-mail: [email protected] or fill out the form below!


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